Bad & Goody Day is a 2015 live-action comedy film directed and written by sally is set to be starring Anthony is set tp premiere as the events of a cruel boy who enjoys christmas.Anthony Fernando Confirmed a Reality Series Entitled Total Cousins would be filming in 2015.The Film is Set to make its Release on August 23, 2015 on DVD.


On Christmas Eve,A 12 Year Old Dylan Moose (Anthony Fernando) Dreams of Having the Best Christmas After his Parents Died,Along Adventures With his Brother,Crazy Babysister and Sisters.


  • Anthony Fernando as Dylan Moose-A 12 year old boy who Wants to have the Best Christmas Ever.
  • Adanna Latchman as Judy Moose-Dylan's 10 Year Old Sister.
  • Amanda Latchman as Kim Moose-Dylan's 11 Year Old Sister.
  • Andy Latchman as Moose Family Neighbour
  • Andre Latchman as Ben Moose-Dylan's 6 year old younger brother
  • Annmarie James as Maryse-Dylan's Babysister.


Filming Began on Sepember 6 2014 and Ended December 26, is set for a Relese December 28, 2014 on Blu-Ray and DVD.In Which the Film did not Release on December 28, 2014,plans have been made to release it in November 2015,which will be a better time for release.On May 4, 2015 it was Announced that the film would Release December 10, 2015 on DVD and December 17, 2015 on Blu-Ray,December 19, 2015 on VOD and December 21, 2015 on the Internet.On August 4, 2015 it Was Announced that the Film Would Release on DVD August 23, 2015 as Well on Blu-Ray August 27, 2015 that was Fully Confirmed.