UnderCover Spy is a 2015 You-Tube Webseries Created By Dylan Studios and Distributed By 20th Century Dylan Productions.It Stars Anthony Fernando,Adanna Latchman,Amanda Latchman,Andy Latchman,Andre Latchman and Nigel Latchman.The Series Is set to Air in March 2015.Filming began in Late January 2015 and ended on February 19, 2015.Season 1 will occur 20 episodes.The Theme song is taken form K.C. Undercover's Zendaya.The Series is set to air in March Month.On March 6, 2015 the series was Renewed for a Second Season along with Total Cousins.On March 15, 2015 it was announced that the series would air on You-Tube March 15, 2015.On April 19, 2015 Dylan studios daid instead of making a second season there will only be 1 season but just increasing the episodes from 20 to 26.Anthony fernando stated that the series would end in September 2015 because 20 episodes are currently filmed with 6 more to do.On June 2, 2015 it was Announced that a 13 special season 2 would be producting for 2016 but Revered there Desion on July 24, 2015.It is Yet Unknown if it would Have a Second Season Planning Unknown. Anthony Fernando and Adanna Latchman also Starred in ==Aron & April==

Main CastEdit

  • Anthony Fernando as Mark Williams-A Teen training to become a Undercover the series starts it is shown he has a crush on Amy.
  • Adanna Latchman as Wilson Williams-Mark's Sister who is also training to become a Undercover Spy.
  • Amanda Latchman as Amy-Wilson's Best Friend,She is Considered as Annoying.She is also a Evil Spy.
  • Andy Latchman as James-Amy's Brother and a Secret Evil Spy.

Recurring CastEdit

  • Andre Latchman as Troy-Amy & James Little Brother.He is also a Evil Spy.It is shown that he has a crush on wilson but she does not feel the same way until Episode 5.
  • Nigel Latchman as Uncle Bob-Mark & Wilson's Uncle who is also a Undercover Spy.
  • Sheila James as Old Women-Mark and Wilson Grandmother
  • Teo Halm as Adam-The Hottest guy in school which Wilson has a crush on.It was seen in a Episode Wilson and Adam went on a Date which they broke up the other episode.
  • Marilyn Fernando as Fatanda-Amy,James and Troy's Mother.


A Teen Mark(Anthony Fernando) learns that his family has a dark secret past which is that they were all spies but bad he learns that he and his sister must reunite and be good spies to defeat the evil and save the Family's Name.

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 March 15, 2015 Late 2015
2 TBA 2016 TBA

Season 1-2015Edit

On July 23, 2015 The Series Was Announced to End on Mid 2016.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.


U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1   Pilot March 15, 2015 101 3.5

A High Schooler Mark Williams(Anthony Fernando) learns that his family were spies and learns that he and his sister has to reunite the job.Meanwhile A new girl name Amy(Amanda Latchman) and her brothers moves in next door.

Guest Stars-Marilyn Fernando as Fatanda

2 Photo Pombed March 22, 2015 102 2.1
When Wilson is Dumped by her Boyfriend she inlists the help of Troy to help her recover.Meanwhile Troy Introduces his Brother and Sister in this Episode,James and Amy.
3 3 The School Dance April 5, 2015 103 2.3
When the School Dance is coming up Mark Plans to ask out Amy.Meanwhile Troy trys to ask out Wilson.
4 4 Class of Friends April 12, 2015 104 9.2
Mark meets new Friends but when all of them turn on Mark and become popular Mark Needs Revenge.Meanwhile Troy accidently destroys James video game while Wilson helps him cover it up.
5 5 First Crush April 19, 2015 105 9.4
Mark Asks out a New Girl but when Amy hears she quickly gets jealous.MeanWhile Wilson and Troy go on there First Date.
6 6 The Failed Misson April 26, 2015 106 7.8
Wilson go's in her first Misson but when she falls asleep during it,the Misson is failed and Mark ends up saving the money from the robber.meanwhile Mark also discovers that amy knows a little too much about how his parents died.
7          7                The Secret    May 3, 2015                         107                            10.2                        

Amy reveals to Mark that she and her family are spies.Wilson and Troy become a couple.

Absent-Andy Latchman as James

8 8 Spy-cious will Destory Ya May 10, 2015 114 8.4
Mark has a blackout after Amy and Troy does it meanwhile James steals Wilson Toys.
9 9 The Ugly Spy May 17, 2015 108 2.0

When Mark Finds Out that amy and her family are evil spies and are trying to take him out he trys to figure a way to do so.Meanwhile Wilson and Troy break-up.

Note:This Episode Was a Part of Ugly Day Weekend.
10        10     Daddy's Little Spy  May 24, 2015                109                    7.8               

When James Loses his Phone at the Williams Home,He spends a 24 day at there the end it turns out that he is trying to get information about there spying.Meanwhile Wilson goes on her first date with the hottest guy in school which gets Troy upset.

Guest Stars-Teo Halm as Adam

11 11 The Spy Dog May 31, 2015 110 4.3
When Wilson discovers a dog in the house she wonders if she should keep it or not.Meanwhile Mark thinks that the dog is a spy dog came to spy on them from Amy,James and Troy,which is.
12 12 The Expector June 7, 2015 111 3.2
Snakes infest the williams house and Wilson  and Mark go on a vaction.Meanwhile Troy and Wilson go on there third day but they are not a couple again.Uncle Bob gets a new phone which he spend $500 dollars on but the real cost is $200.Wilson admits to troy that see has a boyfriend.
13      13    The Kiss/The Dream Kiss                    June 14, 2015              112                           20.5                        
Amy dreams of kissing Mark.Meanwhile Wilson builds a treehouse.Uncle Bob helps Wilson build the Treehouse.
14 14 The Invaded Party June 21, 2015 113 21.9
Wilson has a Party and she invites Amy and Troy which to Mark's Dismay he does not like that.Meanwhile Uncle Bob buys a New Car.
15 15 The Break-Up June 28, 2015 115 22.0

Wilson Breaks up with Adam,the Hottest guy in school.Meanwhile Mark and Amy goes on there first Date.

Guest Stars-Teo Halm as Adam

16     16  The StakeOut BreakOut          July 5, 2015                      116                      2.0                                
Mark Goes UnderCover to Find Out who is the New HideOut Team,StakeOut BreakOut.Meanwhile Wilson and Amy Buys a GoldFish.
  17    17   Infestation                                       July 12, 2015          117             3.4                                           
When James and Troy Dig up a Old Room in there House,it turns out they have Released a Group of Giant Spiders,So they have to Spend the Day at the Williams,Meanwhile Amy Gives Wilson Boys Advise.
18 18 Who Dun It? July 19, 2015 118 7.8
Wilson Trys to Figure Out Who Sole Her New Purse,So Mark Go UnderCover to Revel Her Purse Back and Find Out Who is the Thief.
19-20 19-20 Keep It UnderCover in China July 26, 2015 119-120

Mark and Wilson Have Problems With a Company While in China.Meanwhile Amy and James Trys to Break into the Williams House to Look for Money and Expensive Things.

Season 2-2016Edit

On June 2, 2015 it was Announced that a Season Season was Renewed.

On July 24, 2015 it was Announced that they Reversed there Descion,But it was Left Unknown.